Kria – Crazy Birds

5th mural of 2019 in Iceland… Hellissandur Is slowly transforming in the #streetartcapitaloficeland and this little electric building Will be soon my birdhouse.
The first two paintings, in oposite walls are portraits of an arctic Tern… AKA kria, a bird known for his agressive behavior. There are no trees un Iceland.. thats why there nests are in the ground where anyone can step on them. They are protecting there eggs, picking and shiting over us, to make us left their lands.

In my first aproach to this birds, last year, i didnt understood why the people where scared of them.You have to live the experience. After a while they can make you feel nervious. the atack Is not that strong to make you bleed. although it can be painful. The real issue are the sounds they do all the time behind your head everitime they flight close to you. It have a extrange psicological effect that isn’t always easy to ignore